Logistics Service

Costa Rica, with both sides of the country being in contact with the waters of the oceans, has over 10 ports that service the nautical industry of the World. Being a Ship Chandler, has shown us that all vessels are not the same.

They all have different needs when coming to port; CC Vessel Supplier was created to fulfill those needs.

Our high quality and efficient service has made a mark in this industry, making CC Vessel Supplier an innovative and well-known company. Our company guarantees your satisfaction due to the professionalism of our staff.

The quality of our products, personalized services and levels of organization prove that CC Global Group is a solid and reliable company in the Tourism Industry.

As a Ship Chandler we are ready to supply yachts, mega yachts and cruise liners with the best products and the best service, making your life easier at the port of arrival.

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