Tour & Travel

Our Tour & Travel division is specialized in making your travels through Costa Rica unforgettable.

We also take care of those crewmembers that have a day off when they arrive to the country. Our Tour & Travel catalogue is a selection of the finest hotels and tours available in Cost Rica.

As part of the services of our SHIP CHANDLER Company, we will provide you with the finest and most diligent service, organizing your travels around Costa Rica.

Whether you work for a vessel or just want to come and enjoy our Country, please let us know and we will gladly make all the reservations for you.

Find as follows, a list of the best hotels, we have carefully chosen for you to enjoy, located in the different touristic destinations Costa Rica has to offer.

The tours and its descriptions, and both ground and air transportation, are included on this section, as well.

If there is anything else you require, for your trip to Costa Rica, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

For more information, write us!